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Technology Platforms

10cm - 1m

1mm - 1cm

100um - 1mm

10nm - 10um

10m - 100m

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Drones for large scale deployment and intelligent vector control. Controlled release devices can be dropped off by drones at optimized points for protection using algorithms for AI dispersion. 

SR IoT Sprays. First integration of SR (metofluthrin) in aerosol. Preliminary entomological studies show high efficacy. Field protection using Firewall Concept with semi-autonomous IoT system. 

Field- use devices: biodegradable polymeric and functionalized-paper versions for controlled dispersion in air (e.g. SR) and liquid (e.g. BTI). Field trials  show ~50% decrease in HLC in 2 wks.

Personal-Use Devices for long term protection using SRs as attachable devices for the multi-purpose applications. CFD simulations optimized device attachment for spatial coverage.

Active Controlled Release SR Devices based on MEMS for VLSI Electronics Integration as Functional Fabrics for Personal Protection. CFD simulations optimized device efficacy for fabric integration. 

Polymeric Particle Formulation for Optimized Multifunctional Delivery for AIs. Examples include: metofluthrin, transfluthrin, BTI. Access to novel spatial and contact AIs as part of our pipeline. 

Process Development Flows

Process Development Flows

From Idea Conceptualization to Product Development
& Commercial Realization
Example of AgTech Development Flow
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Example of MedTech Development Flow
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