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Our mission is to create novel diagnostic and controlled drug delivery platforms to address challenging problems that affect humans, animals and plants. We strive to introduce disruptive technologies to significantly reduce the burden of diseases globally.

We are an R&D company that combines multidisciplinary expertise in nanotechnologies, materials, microsystems, clinical medicine, molecular biology, fluid mechanics, engineering manufacturing, product engineering and regulatory processes.

Our approach is based on first identifying unmet needs, and then focusing on a rigorous scientific and engineering processes to bring about unique, innovative solutions that address the real core problems.

Please join us to explore some of our core innovations.

Our Mission


GearJump Technologies is led by scientists and engineers with a multidisciplinary expertise in the development of biotechnology platforms. The team includes scientists and engineers with backgrounds in pharmacology, drug delivery systems, materials science, FDA approval process, manufacturing with a long track record in R&D and product development.


CEO & Founder

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Chief Nanotechnology Advisor

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Board Member

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Chief Strategy and Technology Officer


Strategic Advisor and

Board Member


Chief Strategy Officer and Board Member

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VP IT Computer Engineering Innovator


Medical Affairs Advisor

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Statistician and Machine Learning Innovator


GearJump works with research and industry leaders, and has received support from multiple government agencies, and non-for-profit organizations in the fields of Public Health, Vector Control, AgTech. We are currently running several trials across the globe, including: North America, Latin America, Africa, South East Asia, and Australia.

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