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Imagination, Curiosity, Exploration & Ingenuity for a Healthy Life

Our Work

Our Mission

GearJump was founded to solve complex global problems in healthcare, vector control and plant protection that affect millions of people worldwide.

Agricultural Technologies
  • Early detection of invasive species using smart traps.

  • Diagnostics of plant health using video and camera technologies.

  • Novel formulations for controlled drug delivery of AIs for plant protection. 

  • Use of RNAi-based nanoparticle formulations for specific targeting vectors.

  • Controlled drug delivery systems to treat local and systemic infections in plants.

  • Development of comprehensive UAV-based operating system for large area vector protection.

Vector Control-03.png
Vector Control
  • Wearable passive devices based on novel controlled release technology for protection.

  • Wearable active devices based on MEMS-based technology for time-release of AIs.

  • Novel integration of AI and spray and aerosol-based systems for large area protection.

  • Field-use intelligent devices for large area protection.

  • UAV-based operating system for large area vector protection.

Medical Technologies
Medical Icon-05.png
  • Diagnostic system based on in-vivo and ex-vivo detection of biomarkers in bodily fluids.

  • Whole-cell sensors based on genetically engineering systems for real-time detection of toxins, viruses.

  • Novel pharmacological therapies based on nanoparticle formulations for controlled drug delivery systems.

  • Implantable drug delivery systems based on MEMS technology for intelligent controlled release of APIs.

  • Rapid reconstitution systems for stable storage and delivery of large payload biological drugs.

Military Medicine
  • Wearable vector protection system for the dismounted Service personnel.

  • Field-use vector protection system for military bases.

  • Emergency medications for casualties in the battlefield.

  • Novel non-opioid medications for pain management.

  • Controlled drug delivery systems for acute and chronic conditions.

Technology Platforms

GearJump focuses on the synergy of electronics, bionanotechnology and novel biomaterials. These novel platforms operate at multiple scales for multiple applications ranging from nanoparticles to wearable and field use devices.

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